Periodontal Plastic Surgery

When bacteria collects in the crevices of your teeth, it forms a sticky film called plaque. If not cleaned, plaque hardens into tartar and harms your gums. Inflammation of gums is caused by the bacteria, also known as gingivitis. It is a mild form of gum disease which can be reversed with proper dental care… Continue reading Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Do you need Gum contouring surgery?

What is Gum Contouring? Gum reshaping or tissue sculpting, is a cosmetic procedure of the mouth to smoothen and even an uneven gum line. The gums might be too high or too low, making your teeth look smaller or longer than they actually are, necessitating a cosmetic procedure for correction. Here are a few reasons… Continue reading Do you need Gum contouring surgery?

Menopause and Dental Health

Menopause brings with it a lot of significant changes to a woman’s body, especially her oral health. Hormonal fluctuations during the menopausal period can lead to oral issues. It is imperative for women to understand why and how menopause affects the teeth, to be able to take preventive measures for the same. The end of… Continue reading Menopause and Dental Health

A sudden change in breath odor – should you worry?

Have you ever been conscious of your breath while with friends, at a meeting or an interview? Well, you’re not the alone! Halitosis or bad breath is a condition that has hit over 50% adults at one point in their life. It’s not a serious condition in itself, but bad breath is a marker that… Continue reading A sudden change in breath odor – should you worry?

Dentzz Review – A Patient From The United Kingdom Shares His Delightful Experience

A patient from United Kingdom shares his delightful experience being treated at Dentzz. He came across Dentzz on the internet and was impressed by the doctors and the staff, their professionalism & friendliness in particular. Come down and experience the exemplary service at Dentzz Dental Care Centre. Situated in prime locations in Mumbai and Delhi. For… Continue reading Dentzz Review – A Patient From The United Kingdom Shares His Delightful Experience

Patient Review on Dentzz Dental

A patient shares his satisfactory experience received at Dentzz. He explains that how his queries, doubts during the time of treatment were taken care of immediately and also how delighted he is with the overall experience. Dentzz Dental Care Centres, based in the prime areas of Mumbai and Delhi, India delivers the finest in Cosmetic,… Continue reading Patient Review on Dentzz Dental