Emergence of Dental Tourism in India

Medical tourism is a growing concept worldwide where people from one nation travel to another to get medical treatment at a lower cost and enjoy a vacation along with their treatment. The concept has found great footing worldwide as the costs for these treatments in some countries is too high. India has been at the top of this pyramid and many foreign nationals come to India in search of affordable treatments with amazing facilities. An estimated 150,000 people travel to India for low-priced healthcare procedures every year.

Touted as a growing sector in the country, dental tourism has been at the core of medical tourism. One of the leading clinics in this growing phenomenon is Dentzz dental. With skilled practitioners and physicians, coupled with superior infrastructure and medical facilities as compared to our western counterparts we have created and helped boost the concept of dental tourism in the country. With clinics in two major metropolitan cities, we cater to local as well as international patients. Our patients come to us from all over the world for top of the line dental treatments at affordable prices.

Growth in the popularity of health tourism has captured the attention of policy-makers, researchers and the media alike. It is one of the quickest and largest growing industries in the world. Residents of countries with national health care schemes – such as Canada and Great Britain – sometimes travel overseas to avoid the long waiting times involved in local treatment. According to our experts, we are experiencing both qualitative and quantitative shifts in patient mobility, as people travel from richer to less-developed countries in order to access health services, which are affordable and convenient.

Research and surveys indicate that treatment costs in India are one tenth of the total cost in America or Britain which is a major contributor for growing dental tourism in the country. The Indian healthcare industry is estimated to double in value to $6 billion by 2018. This can be seen with the major hike in the dental healthcare sector that Dentzz has experienced. With us you can see that most people opt for treatments due to the fact that we use cutting edge technology and have a strong panel of reputed dentists. So if you are considering travelling for dental care, think of us first!


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