Best and Worst Crunchy Foods For Your Teeth

While unhealthy practices like not brushing your teeth or not visiting the dentist regularly remain a major cause of dental problems, there is another reason that contributes to them — food. Lack of hygiene and improper eating habits coupled with random munching at any time of the day results in many dental problems. There are also certain food varieties that have proven to be harmful for your teeth if there is no proper cleaning process involved.

Here, Dentzz gives you some of the best and worst crunchy foods for your teeth:

The good guys:

  1. Fruits like apples, pears etc are a very good source of vitamins. The crunch helps to get rid of plaque forming bacteria and keep the teeth clean. Try to consume the fruits on a whole instead of juice.
  2. Vegetables like celery, carrots, cucumber etc have a high amount of beta-carotene, which helps in strong teeth by enhancing the level of vitamin and calcium the body, Also they stimulate saliva flow that acts like a natural defense against gum problems and cavities.
  3. Green tea, although not a crunchy food, is a great source of polyphone and antioxidants and thus helps to kill plaque-forming bacteria.
  4. It is important to drink loads of water as it helps in keeping your teeth and mouth clean and get rid of food particles stuck in your teeth.


The bad guys:

  1. Hard sticky candy is considered the worst food for your teeth. As you consume them, the particles are left in your mouth for a long time, which means extended exposure to sugar and damaging acid.
  2. Carbohydrates like pasta, white bread, potato chips are considered very dangerous as they create the ideal breeding ground for bacteria in the long run.
  3. Soda and fizzy drinks promote prolonged exposure to sugar and related acids, which over a period of time, damage your teeth and gum cavities with bacteria attack.
  4. Also, try to reduce the consumption of coffee and tea, as they are responsible for staining your teeth. Although they do not directly affect your teeth by causing bacteria, but they do leave dirty stain marks. Applying pressure while brushing to get rid of these stains can cause damage to the enamel.

While it is not necessary to eliminate these foods from your diet altogether, you can maintain a proper dental care routine and manage to eat your favorite foods without any worry! You can also visit any of our Dentzz clinics across Mumbai or Delhi for a personal consultation. We will assess your dental hygiene and can suggest a custom dental care plan for you to ensure that your smile is always dazzling!


One thought on “Best and Worst Crunchy Foods For Your Teeth

  1. This article is a saviour to my yellowish and tooth decay problems. I am going to follow these tips and suggest those who face the same problem. Very helpful for clean white teeth.

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