Ancient Dental Services in our Indian Dentistry System

An IVC site in Mehrgarh indicates that this earliest form of dentistry involved curing tooth related disorders with bow drills operated, perhaps, by skilled bead craftsmen. The reconstruction of this ancient form of dentistry showed that the methods used were reliable and effective. The earliest dental filling, made of beeswax, was discovered in Slovenia and dates from 6500 years ago. The Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) has yielded evidence of Indian dentistry being practised as far back as 7000 BC.

The science of dentistry is continuously evolving .The dentists in earlier years did a lot of effort to save a person’s bad tooth, but things are different today.

The dentists in previous times used to do a lot tomaintain a person’s bad tooth, but things have changed today. The traditional procedure involved multiple sitting sessions with the dentist, which was painful as root canal was the only choice. In today’s perspective they are practically a waste of both time and effort. The science of Indian dentistry  is constantly developing.
Dental associations are propagating the idea of dental implants very strongly. The idea is to completely extract the dying tooth and implant a fresh tooth in its place. It is as simple as that. The fraternity of dentist’s world over is holding the same opinion.The Dental Implants are artificial teeth which an expert implants, to easily replace those that have gone bad. The teeth are so well made that one rarely misses the natural ones. The replaced tooth is not only functional but also matches the natural ones very well. Patients visiting the experts of Indian dentistry, approach them expecting that their old teeth will be restored back, even if it involves time and money. In the long run, the root canal method has failed to deliver the desired results. Sometimes cleaning only the surface is not enough and oral surgery may be the only way out.

Dental implant is something which is very new and it will take some more time before it gets popular with the masses. The process of implanting is much better when long term results are compared. Patients however fear losing their natural teeth. According to the latest surveys by AAID the success rate of root canals as compared to the implant procedures is very low ( merely 5% ). Surgical treatments done to restore back the falling teeth also don’t show very encouraging results.Patients going in for periodontal treatments to get a brand new cosmetic look for their smiles, should first consult with their dentists as to what the end results could finally look like. They may land up being disappointed.

After Fauchard, the study of dentistry rapidly expanded. Two important books, Natural History of Human Teeth (1771) and Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Teeth (1778), were published by British surgeon John Hunter. In 1763, he entered into a period of collaboration with the London-based dentist James Spence. He began to theorise about the possibility of tooth transplants from one person to another. He realised that the chances of an (initially, at least) successful tooth transplant would be improved if the donor tooth was as fresh as possible and was matched for size with the recipient.The science is on the verge of a new revolution with implants and cosmetic techniques provided by top dental care centres like Dentzz. As for the patients, long troubled with tooth decay and oral problems, they restore back the oral health and smile.

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